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November 2013

Guiding Principles working with group dynamics

Managing Diversity

Most people believe in the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated. The implicit assumption is that how you want to be treated is how others want to be treated. But when you look at this proverb through a diversity perspective, you begin to ask the question: what does respect look like; does it look the same for everyone? Does it mean saying hello in the morning, or leaving someone alone, or making eye contact when you speak?

Cross community cross border study visit to Palestine & Israel

A recent study visit to Palestine and Israel by a cross community and cross border group with BURC gave participants an opportunity to view, from a very different and yet somehow similar cultural perspective, the impact of trauma on families and communities in a conflict society.  Twenty three people, made up of BURC staff and volunteers, community activists involved in local cross community development work, workers from agencies such as The Youth Justice Agency, Belfast City Council, and The174 Trust, as well as participants from Co Donegal, set off from Belfast mid-September to Bethlehe

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