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Mid Wife Crisis


This group was made up of young people between the ages of 18 and 21, all of whom were homeless and living in supported accommodation with The Flax Foyer hostel in Ardoyne, Belfast.  The young people’s initial idea was to make a short film/DVD and this idea developed through the course of the project until their residential in White Park Bay youth hostel (we worked in conjunction with HINI on this project).  They refined their idea to that of a series of comedy shorts to be uploaded onto You Tube.  The young people developed their project through a number of workshops on idea and character development, comedy writing, comedy writing for TV/stage/internet, script writing, story boarding and filming.  Their workshops were delivered by professionals in their respective fields. The project is now complete and the young people’s completion event on 22nd April 2013 will see their work acknowledged with the presentation of their ILM Certificates, as well as participation certificates from Concensus and personal testimonials and pictures from their project presented in their portfolios.  More importantly, this is also the date that their completed project outcome “MIDWIFE CRISIS” comedy shorts are available to view on our You Tube channel! (   

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