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A Walk in My Footsteps


The Walk in My Foots Steps has encompassed working with young people from a cross border, cross community background.  Groups from cross community in Derry/ Londonderry and Inishown were supported  in working  and developing a piece of art in conjunction with Altnagelvin Hospital to install a piece of art which they feel  is representative of them and the communities that they live in. 


This project has also allow them to help identify issues that they may be facing them within their local communities and how they can become more positively integrated and represented on both side of the community.  This project about highlighting the issues that the areas that they are from have faced and how the communities have developed to be the ones that they are living in today.


By doing this project, allowed the young people to develop their understanding of other communities and also allowing them to develop their skills of positive integration through the positive representation of them by using Art as the medium.






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