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‘Moving forward: Sustaining our Communities’ event

CONCENSUS hosted an innovative event on the 11th September with a very broad range of participants, both in terms of geography and interests.  The day was facilitated by CONCENSUS staff and brought 50 community workers and stake holders together to discuss notions of sustainability in this period of austerity.  The day also provided a useful focus on the hope afforded to some local communities as a result of the work that CONCENSUS has been able to execute through the support of NI Community Relations Council, Pobal and the PEACE III programme.

CONCENSUS film projects

Please visit and to see some videos of our groups.



Census 2011- New Functions

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency has provided a Blog for responses to their consultation on the 2011 Census. Click read more to read the BURC response.

Since the 2001 census became available online, in a format accessible by any interested individual with a very attainable skill set, it has acquired a new and important set of functions. Key amongst these is the potential to support informed democratic and civic participation at the local, regional and national levels.


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