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Cross community cross border study visit to Palestine & Israel

A recent study visit to Palestine and Israel by a cross community and cross border group with BURC gave participants an opportunity to view, from a very different and yet somehow similar cultural perspective, the impact of trauma on families and communities in a conflict society.  Twenty three people, made up of BURC staff and volunteers, community activists involved in local cross community development work, workers from agencies such as The Youth Justice Agency, Belfast City Council, and The174 Trust, as well as participants from Co Donegal, set off from Belfast mid-September to Bethlehe



On 29th May BURC organised Event Connect to support individuals who are interested in placements in the arts industry this summer.  With organisers from Ramelton to Enniskillen via Strabane, this was a great opportunity for arts students, those interested in event management to develop employable skills for the arts and events sector.


Celebration of Nelson Mandela


A South African group made up of four different tripe’s and proveniences residing in Letterkenny and who have links & contacts in Dublin and Northern Ireland are currently participating in a Historical Peace Project. The group  have a common interest in the Life  and journey of Nelson Mandela and the legacy of Peace & Reconciliation that continues for the South African people.

Grounds for PEACE III


The Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre is pleased to announce the launch of the DISC II programme and with it the capacity to engage local communities in peace and reconciliation through sport, DVD media, drama, local and world history, lobbying, committee work, health and nutrition, volunteering, youth work, public art, citizenship and many other community based activities. This programme has been supported by the EU’s PEACE III Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.

Voices for Change

BURC DISC 11 are currently working with a group of Women from Leitrim to form a community choir ‘Voices for Change’ that will be a forum for women to work together, to identify and then raise awareness of issues through the power of song.

The community choir is a sustainable project, by performing at the different seminars and events for local events and projects across the North West and Cross Border. 

A Walk in My Footsteps


The Walk in My Foots Steps has encompassed working with young people from a cross border, cross community background.  Groups from cross community in Derry/ Londonderry and Inishown were supported  in working  and developing a piece of art in conjunction with Altnagelvin Hospital to install a piece of art which they feel  is representative of them and the communities that they live in. 


Lithuanian Teams start another season in Basketball League

The Lithuanian Association is celebrating the 3rd year of having teams in the league this year.  This is a significant forum for players to integrate and socialise within local society and culture.

StageWrite 2012

The StageWrite program was very successful in 2012, creating the large amount of interest from cross community schools throughout the Strabane District becoming involved in creative writing of stories that would be develop into a stage production, the students from the north West College further developing their skills in communication and directing performances




Stakeholders from the CONCENSUS Initiative of the Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre came together to consider the use of biographies to celebrate the lives of individuals, warts and all, who were a part of events one hundred years ago.  This programme has been supported by the EU’s PEACE III Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body. 


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