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What is Concensus?

Q. What is the CONCENSUS Initiative all about…?

A. Sustainable Communities…

are places where anyone would want to live, work, learn or socialise.

These eight clauses define a sustainable community.

  • Well run - with effective and inclusive participation, representation and leadership.
  • Environmentally sensitive - providing places for people to live that are considerate of the environment.
  • Well designed and built - featuring a quality built and natural environment.
  • Well connected - with good transport services and communication linking people to jobs, schools, health and other services.
  • Thriving - with a flourishing and diverse local economy.
  • Well served - with public, private, community and voluntary services that are appropriate to people's needs and accessible to all.
  • Active, inclusive and safe - Fair, tolerant and cohesive with a strong local culture and other shared community activities.
  • Fair for everyone - including those in other communities, now and in the future

(Definition from the Sustainable Development Commission) 

They are the elementary conditions which must be met for any community to achieve sustainability. They require constant review, maintenance and the active participation of the members of the community to ensure that the processes, structures and values that support them are in place and remain relevant. How each of these conditions is met locally, depends on what is happening- locally.

They are interdependent: an issue affecting one of these conditions will likely affect all of the others to some degree. In some communities, certain issues are prevalent and the people living there will view their whole experience, through the lens of these issues.

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