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This video is the outcome created as an outcome from a journey made by members of HIVe.   The aim is to help others realise that HIV is a manageable condition, not something that we need to fear or feel shamed about.



Video of Santigie Ibrahim Bangura from Sierra Leone. 

For more information about Santigie, read his blog submission here


Two groups of young people from Abhaile Aris in Letterkenny and HUBB in Belfast had a highly successful historical tour of South Armagh and a guided tour of the Battle of the Boyne. 

The group had exchanged trips to each others’ local communities in Donegal and lower North Belfast respectively, providing a unique experience for both groups.

StageWrite 2011 kicked off on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th March with 8 schools throughout the district taking part.

The Tunnel is the product of work done by a group of young men from the Drumarg and Mullacreevie estates in Armagh.

Built by BT48